20 Crucial Tips for Not Getting Screwed by the Legal System


Look, we all know the Man is out to get you at every turn. With their laws and their guns and their ... other ... laws. Whatever. We're here to help because fuck the Man!

We asked our readers to clear up some confusion with all those pretty law books our government and its agents possess so that you'll always be prepared. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

PS: Dear, the Man -- we're sorry, we didn't mean it. Please don't shut us down. We love you and thank you for protecting and serving us..

Entry by jfg

Want to drink alcohol, but under the legal age? No problem!! Simply visit one of these countries... Cambodia Togo Albania Angola atorialGu: 1amaica Cu

Entry by Avisia

Take every ticket to a Lawyer or Traffic Law Center. The majority of tickets can be pled down to a lesser offense, such as a non-moving violation. Add

Entry by Kitn

You don't even have to open the door. With the exception of an emergency situation, police need either your permission ora Warrant to enter your home.

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