For a movie that became one of the all-time favorite holiday classics, How The Grinch Stole Christmas didn’t have a terribly promising start. Dr. Seuss was so dead set against making a TV special, he let Chuck Jones pitch him on it just to humor the guy before saying no. Thankfully, Jones was surprisingly persuasive.

Now, it not only has become a holiday staple but theatrical adaptations and even musical versions have been made since the cartoon's television debut in 1966. While the Grinch is now as iconic of a Christmas character as good ol' Saint Nick himself, there's a lot of interesting twists and turns that happened in order for the Grinch to appear on our TV screens every December.

Did you know the Grinch wasn't originally green? Or that the Whos were supposed to sing a small concert in their Who-language? Or that a marriage happened thanks to the TV special?

Here are some fun behind-the-scenes factoids about our favorite green-furred curmudgeon:

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