14 Actors Who Went (Way Beyond) The Extra Mile For A Role

Apparently, acting dedication comes down to how much a role messes with your life.
14 Actors Who Went (Way Beyond) The Extra Mile For A Role

After multiple rehearsals, hundreds of hours of takes, and eons of editing, a movie is finished. Finally, a nice little 90-minute piece of motion picture teenagers can make out to with popcorn teeth (90 minutes, right Hollywood?) And ideally, the finished product looks effortless (or at least purposely effortful, looking at you The Revenant). If everything goes off without a hitch, the audience doesn't see the stitching at the seams. 

Therefore, acting kind of looks like the easiest job in the world: you learn your lines, you show up and say them, you get paid. Well, some actors apparently think that’s too easy. These badasses went so far above and beyond, it might as well have been into another dimension. We're not even talking about Oscar-bait schlockfests like My Left Foot or Phantom Thread. No, we're talking about quote-unquote “lowbrow” fare that these actors gave their entire heart and soul too. Check them out:

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