Listen, we know that it sucks that the bags of chips are only half full when you buy them. It's a drag that there are so many unpopped popcorn kernels in your microwavable bag. It's inconvenient that you have to drop a deuce shortly after drinking a cup of coffee. But there is a scientific reason for all of those things.

Contrary to what high school has taught you, science can be interesting and can explain why certain annoyances exist, food-related or not. Want to know why your shoelaces always end up untied? There's a scientific explanation. Do you ever feel like it only rains on the weekends? Science can explain that, too. Ever hear one side of a cell phone conversation in public and want to just grab the person's phone to smash in on the ground, but for some reason have no problem if two people are speaking in person? Science, friend. Science.

Here are some science facts about the stuff that annoys you and why it exists:

15 Scientific Explanations For Dumb Everyday Problems -
Source: NPR

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