Left-Field Inspirations For Well-Known Scenes

Tchaikovsky is said to have quipped that he sits down to work every day, and the muses have learned to be on time. Which must have been great for him, but here are 15 stories about people who’ve had the muses barge in on them at the absolute weirdest time. For example …


In The Man With The Iron Fists, Russell Crowe channeled Ol' Dirty Bastard. Source: 7 Insane Ways Actors Got The Ideas For Famous Performances


For Hot Fuzz, Edgar Wright was inspired by Tony Scott's editing style in Domino Source: Film School Rejects


INTER DIMENSIONAL ABLEAD t-r lanlz The interdimensional cable in Rick and Morty was Source: Film School Rejects


Al Pacino's Tony Montana was inspired by Sophie's Choice. Pacino admired how Source: 7 Insane Ways Actors Got The Ideas For Famous Performances


The Powerpuff Girls' Mojo Jojo is partly based on an obscure Japanese TV villain. Source: 6 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Movie Costumes


The tunnel scene in 2016's Blair Witch was inspired by the Aliens scene in which Bishop Source: Film School Rejects


James Mangold's father helped inspire Logan's ending. His father, a painter, made two Source: Film School Rejects


DJ Snake & Lil Jon's Turn Down for What music video influenced Captain America: CivilSource: Film School Rejects


A John Wick: Chapter 2 scene is there because of a random restaurant encounter. While Source: Film School Rejects


Sly Stallone's performance in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 drew on Babe.Source: Film School Rejects


Left-Field Inspirations For Well-Known Scenes - Mr. Burns' body language is based on a praying mantis. That'sSource: 5 Characters Amazingly Based on Real People