Have you ever had to go above and beyond in a job interview? Did the interviewer surprise you with a written quiz or a task to complete to prove that you're the person for the job? It's garbage, right? They have your resume, you're in the room talking to them, now they want you to work for free? It happens often. Way too often. Same with actors.

Usually auditions are fairly straightforward: learn your lines, show up on time, read and act with the reader and casting director, say thank you, and then leave to worry about whether your life will change forever or you'll have to worry about rent for this month. However, some of your favorite actors were forced to more than that to obtain their most iconic roles on film or on television.

Here are the stories about what actors had to do in order to win their coveted parts:

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15 Bizarre Things Actors Had To Do For Auditions - Vilhelm Blomgren had to walk into the woods as part of his unusual audition for Midsommar.

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Source: EW

15 Bizarre Things Actors Had To Do For Auditions - Patrick Stewart was forced to wear a wig when he auditioned for Star Trek.

Creator Gene Roddenberr
Source: EW


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