13 Movie-Related And Other Now-You-Know Facts

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13 Movie-Related And Other Now-You-Know Facts

Facts, facts, facts. Who likes facts? You like facts, don't you? Of course you like facts. What? Surely, you're joking. Why not? Hold up, wait, stop the article. You have to love facts. It's necessary to love facts. You need to love facts. 

Without facts the world is nothing but falsehoods and theories. Without facts, the concept of truth is worthless and has no standing in society. Without facts, everything you know would be subject to opinion with no true path. Without facts, we wouldn't know how we live, what causes death, what to eat, when to drink, how to love. Without facts, everything around you, everything you love, everything you hate, everyone you've interacted with is, by definition, a lie. You cannot live without facts. That, itself, is a fact.

So celebrate the fact that you have facts in your life. Learns some more facts to insert into your brain and celebrate accordingly.

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