Are you looking for something to distract you from your humdrum everyday routine? If so, we have just the thing. Assuming you like learning new stuff, that is. Which, come on, of course you do. This is Cracked dot com. We even put sharks right up top. And right after that, you get to yell and complain about USBs! This is going to be great. That project your boss assignment at the meeting that could have totally been an email can be put on hold. Come learn some science and movie stuff with us. You know you want to.

Fine! One more teaser? Just one more teaser? Peter Stormare shows up. Yeah, the wood chipper guy from Fargo. But it's not Fargo. Peter Stormare! But we're not tell any more. You have to get all the way to the end. Just keep your mouse on the minimize button in case your boss walks by. 

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