15 Fictional Things That Happen All The Time (Except That No, They Don't)

These are way less common than you think they are.
15 Fictional Things That Happen All The Time (Except That No, They Don't)

This style of fiction has a certain quality and functionality since it attracts by portraying a dark enigma beyond our comprehension and activating the unconscious. Everything might not always add up, the story might not be what we anticipate, and in that gap, we find many of the most profound enchantments of whatever it means to live or be inhuman, just like in real life.

There are stale clichés that never happen in everyday life, and also, there are weary tropes that do not occur in fiction. Ask anyone about these, and they'll tell you, "Oh yes, this occurs all the time," even though they've never seen it, or at least not very often. These are the fictional cryptids: many people believe in them because others say they exist, but you'll be lucky if you discover a hair or a pile of dung when looking for them. (OK, at some point, this metaphor stopped working.) To put it another way, these are far less common than many people believe they are, assuming they exist.

Superman has barely ever changed in a phone booth. While Superman has been known to use a phone booth on occasion, that has only happened a h
Source: CBR
The butler never does it. The butler being guilty is the ultimate mystery writing cliche- even though it has only ever happened twice, in
Source: The Guardian
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