There are tired tropes that never actually happen in real life -- and there are also tired tropes that don't even happen in fiction. Ask anyone about these, and they'll tell you, "oh sure, this always happens" -- and yet they've never seen it themselves, or at least not an awful lot. These are the cryptids of fiction -- many believe in them because other people tell them they're real, but when it comes to finding them, you'll be lucky to come across a hair or a pile of poop. (OK, this metaphor stopped working at some point). What we're getting at is, these are way less common than many people think they are -- when they exist at all.

sean Bean doesn't actually die that often. With 23 on-screen deaths, Bean doesn't even make it into the top ten of most killed actors. As he has been
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The butler never does it. The butler being guilty is the ultimate mystery writing cliche- even though it has only ever happened twice, in
Source: [url=]The Guardian[/url]
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