15 Creators Who Ripped Off Their Own Works

No one will report you if you steal from yourself.
15 Creators Who Ripped Off Their Own Works

Being creative is difficult, okay? It's not something you can just turn on and off, and it's even more difficult if you're expected to perform on demand. In sum, creativity is a lot like sex — and much like sex, sometimes everything goes well, and other times all you can think about is the good old days. These innovators didn't only reflect on the past; they recreated it in the present by copying themselves. After all, if they worked once, they're bound to work again, right? If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the folks we cover must really love themselves.

Being inside the limelight means that just about everything you do will be scrutinized under a microscope - and besides, fame comes with a cost. The lifestyle of a celebrity is constantly inspected, hence why they experience such soaring highs as well as equally damaging lows. Famous superstars all across the world have pulled it out on their work and wrecked their overall work.

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