15 Doomed Attempts to Make Superheroes Entertaining

15 Doomed Attempts to Make Superheroes Entertaining
Audiences will devour just about anything related to superheroes -- since Disney purchased Marvel in 2009, those movies alone have earned a mindblowing $18.2 billion at the global box office. Caped crime fighters seem like a foolproof way to create crazy-popular, crowd-pleasing entertainment -- until they aren’t. Here are a few examples of those dynamic debacles:

HOLY MUSICAL, AMAN! CRACKED This not officially sanctioned by DC Comics musical featured the show-stopping number Robin Sucks.

SUPERHEROS AT SEA WORLD B CRACKEDC CON Who wants to see superheros fly or run at super-speed when they could be dragged around a smelly lake by a spee

MARVEL UNIVERSE LIVE CRACKEDCO It's Marvel's most cosmic heroes riding stunt-cycles and showing off their karate skills. And yes, some dude went to th

SUPERMAN 64 LUT HOR: IE YOU WANT TO SAVE YOUR FRIENDS. SOLVE my MAZE! LEXCORP CRACKEDc COM It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a mass of red and blue poly

DR. STRANGE CRACKED.COM No, that's not Ron Jeremy starring in this 1978 Dr. Strange TV movie. Doc just borrowed his wardrobe and pornstache.

THOR AND LOKI IDIN CRACKED COM. The mythical battle between the Norse -brothers was brought to musical life with a recorder duet. Also: Tap-dancing tr

SPIDEY SUPER-STORIES Grab a sack. CRACKEDco Spider-Man helped kids learn to read and write on The Electric Company while teaching Morgan Freeman the f

LEGENDS OF THE SUPERHEROES CRACKEDCO COM This action 1979 epic featured the Legion of Doom VS. classic DC superheroes such as Hawkman, whose mask was

CAPTAIN AMERICA ..AND YOU MAYBE STAR CAN HIM! VOTH CRACKED COM This mid-80s Mavel Comics ad asked young girls to sing, dance, and act up a storm to pr

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's SUPERMAN RAK' CRACKED A 1975 TV adaption of the failed stage musical nixed villainous Chinese acrobats because they we

SPIDER-MAN: TURN OFF THE DARK CRACKED.COM You'll belive a man can fly if you ignore the bulky harness and massive steel cables. Still the biggest flop

THE TOXIC AVENGER MUSICAL ToXe THE AVENGER MUSICAL THE CRACKEDGON The show-stopping finale features the deformed mutant crooner vowing to end global w

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES CRACKEDCO The Coming Out of Their Shells Tour' rocked local civic centers with studded turtle-wear and bitchin' keytar

BATMAN: THE RIDE The Dark Knight is the inspiration for this thrilling inverted roller coaster ride. In other words, Six Flags painted this bad boy bl

DAREDEVIL AND BLACK WIDOW GRACKEDCO In 1974, Stan Lee gave Jipp Jones (David Bowie's ex) the TV rights for a year. Even Ziggy Stardust thought the fre


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