Aside from the occasional “oopsie,” the majority of what you see in a movie is planned and intended. There are very few “happy accidents” on the silver screen. There is a reason why certain actors are hired for their particular roles. There is a logic behind why a certain shot is composed in such a way. The dialogue uttered was written with purpose. It’s just that sometimes the reasoning is what you think.

Sure, there are times in which decisions are made in a film for artistic reasons, but this pictofact article isn’t about those. This pictofact article is about the weird, shocking, and sometimes downright petty reasons why certain casting decisions, costume choices, and plot points were made.

Sometimes an actor is chosen for a role due to their talent or starpower, other times it’s because they’re skinny or the producer’s wife is a fan. Many iconic shots and looks in film are made to show off great cinematography skill or just to hide an actor’s weight gain. The possibilities are equal parts odd and simple.

Here are some movie moments and decisions that were not made for the reason that you’d think.

Unpredictably Weird Decisions That Gave Us Major Movie Moments - Will Smith got cast in Men in Black
Source: Vulture

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