13 Movies, Science, And History Now-You-Know Facts

13 Movies, Science, And History Now-You-Know Facts

Movies. Science. History. Look, dude, you're on Cracked dot com, this is exactly where you come for this type of stuff. We've got some many facts leaking out of our ears that we basically open our computers and tap the side of our heads like a cartoon character trying to get water out of their ear. Stuff tumbles out, like Eric Bana and Brad Pitt putting money on a swordfighting rehearsal during the filming of Troy, or that it once rained for two million years, or that Europeans used to eat mummies. Do we know what do to with this things? No! So we throw them at this website, all in service of you looking cool at parties. You know, the cool kind of parties, that are somehow cool despite the guests not knowing these things.

Do you enjoy learning cool things not a lot of other people know? Yes? Then we have just the thing for you:

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