15 Movies And Shows (That Started Out As Flops)

It's never too late to be successful.
15 Movies And Shows (That Started Out As Flops)

We often see success as a bolt of lightning striking all at once, out of the blue. However, it behaves more like a flower in most situations, gently growing up until it blossoms one day. Just ask the people who created these pop cultural icons. They had a wide range of emotions, from "meh" to "boo," but now everyone knows and loves them. Consider that as you continue to market your swashbuckling robot trilogy. You might get to sniff the blossom of success as well one day!

When it comes to new film releases, many people look to the theaters to see if they were a success. A film is termed a box office hit as well as a failure if it starts breaking even by a significant margin when it is initially released in theaters. Although it's commonly known that films that fail to generate a profit are labeled as box office failures, the list doesn't stop there.

These now-classic films were disregarded, neglected, and under appreciated when they first came out, yet their alarmingly low box office statistics were eventually consigned to historical afterthought status.

MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS WAS KIND OF AN ACQUIRED TASTE. The show had dismal ratings when it first aired in 1969 - trailed behind litera
Source: The Independent
ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT WAS CONSTANTLY ONE STEP AWAY FROM CANCELLATION. Every episode ... was like a gift, because nobody was watching it, Michael Cera
Source: BBC
A CHRISTMAS STORY TOOK YEARS TO BECOME A HOLIDAY CLASSIC. While the movie did somewhat OK in theaters, it completely vanished from screens after a few
Source: Vanity Fair
FIGHT CLUB WAS BOOED BY AUDIENCES. Releasing the movie with the Columbine shooting still fresh, while marketing it as a macho flick rather
Source: The Globe and Mail
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