16 Actors Who Learned Unique Skills For Iconic Roles

16 Actors Who Learned Unique Skills For Iconic Roles

There’s something so satisfying about learning new skills. Whether it be kite boarding, wood whittling or terrarium making, it feels like we’re all a few youtube videos away from kicking in the door on some obscure and exciting hobby none of our friends will ever care about. We even covered ridiculous skills required by common jobs.

There's one surefire way to get better at your hobbies: be unfathomably handsome and charismatic, and then people will pay you to do it. 

Tons of average joes have fulfilled their dreams of learning an instrument, becoming a pilot, even cooking meth! And all it took was years of studying acting, scraping by on crummy commercial gigs, and then eventually becoming so hot and interesting that people pay them to become even hotter and more interesting. 

Anyway, here are a few of your favorite actors who got to (or were forced to) learn some pretty interesting new skills:

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