15 Convincing Fan Theories, Debunked

15 Convincing Fan Theories, Debunked

Listen, we can argue that it doesn’t really matter whether some buzzkill director or creator debunks a popular fan theory. Fan theories are for the fans! Pixar is a shared universe! The Matrix and John Wick are connected! Jack from Titanic could totally fit on that door! It can be fun to speculate on these theories on social media, Reddit, video essays, and various other corners of the Internet. It's fun and provides a good distraction from the doldrums of work, chores, and marriage.

But it’s also kind of interesting to hear what the people behind some of our favorite stories have to say about the ingenious plot connections we love to cook up. After all, they helped actually made the things we are debating over. Chances are likely that they have some actual canonical insight to share. Here are some fan theories we cooked up that were outright debunked by the creators.

15 Convincing Fan Theories, Debunked - Ra’s al Ghul really did die at the end of Batman Begins. A theory goes that Ra’s al Ghul calmly accepting his d
Source: CBR

15 Convincing Fan Theories, Debunked - The Gamora-Mantis theory - As a result of the famous Snap in Avengers: Infinity War, Gamora has lost her memory
Source: MSN

15 Convincing Fan Theories, Debunked - Could Steve Rogers control the Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers: Endgame? Nope. The theory comes from the fact tha
Source: Yahoo

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