Lifehacks are great. Food is great. So it only makes sense that food hacks would be mind-blowingly great.

We tasked our readers with bringing you amazing food hacks, and gave money to the winner ...

Entry by clg123

CRACKED GOM Wrap the top of your bananas with plastic wrap to have them last up to four or five days longer.

Entry by rubyanjel07

Add fresh pineapple juice or crushed pineapples to your meat marinades. Not only does it gives it natural sweetness but also tenderizes it your meat.

Entry by MinorShan

SCREW HEALTHY! Jte order bear smoolhie rom a gummy jambo niice made Irom Iruil. lasles like 5 versions ol the candy lte green ped Pinke chocolate

Entry by duckgalrox

step 1 purchase baby bananas (they're sweeter than typicar bananas) step 2 BIsUTH'S FROZEN BANANA peel and freeze the bananas, then stick 'em in a foo

Entry by RandomDandy

CRACKEDG Chewing gum while peeling onions may keepyoufromerying.

Entry by CZM

You're peeling garlic wrong. Place your garlic inside two bowls. Shake vigorously. Done. CRACKEDCONT

Entry by Old.Man

At Gloria Jean's (and many other coffee shops) you can order a Hot Chocolate with a shot of espresso to get the exact same thing as a Mocha, only chea

Entry by liszette

Use frozen grapes instead of ice cubes to avoid watering down wine. Or just use them to look fancy and have a nice snack at the end of any drink.

Entry by rubyanjel07

41 Amazing Food Tricks

Entry by yunemeko

41 Amazing Food Tricks

Entry by Lunachick71

CRACKEDCO Dip balloons into melted chocolate, to make edible dessert bowls. *Practice makes perfect. This is the real world, not Pinterest.

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