Aw, man, you're gonna have dinner with your partner's parents! You gotta be cool and interesting somehow. You can NOT talk about your job. They'll judge you. They always do, parents. Plus, you don't want to get into stuff like “What's SEO?," “Back in my day we did math in our heads,” or “Why can't you buy a house?” That's no good.

Plus, you can't talk about the relationship you have with your partner. Talking about sex with your partner with your partner's parents is like one step away from talking about sex with your partner with your parents. Geez, it's gonna be a rough time at the Olive Garden if you can't think of some interesting talking points. It's a good thing your partner's parents are into pop culture.

Here are 13 random factoids that can help offset any awkward silences or topics when you're trying to enjoy a Never-Ending Soup and Salad special.

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