15 Freaky Deaths that Prove the Grim Reaper Has a Sick Sense of Humor

15 Freaky Deaths that Prove the Grim Reaper Has a Sick Sense of Humor

Suspense thrillers aren't obligated to have brutal death sequences, but they go a long way toward establishing a film's history. Movies can also play a role in instilling anxiety symptoms in viewers, such as a fear of showers and alligators in Chicago. Still, you may recall a few that have had an impact on you individually.

So, we dug up some of the worst, harshest, and most memorable scary movie death scenes that we could find.

There's a series of horror films in which Death murders its victims in bizarre and impossible ways. We believe the name is The Troll Reaper. But weird, improbable deaths aren't limited to the silver screen. Big Ol' Skullface occasionally trades in his scythe for a party popper and decides to have a good time in bizarre ways, such as these.

Do you have a few terrifying scenes floating around in your head? Awesome. Let's take a look at what made it onto our list. But for now, sit back, clench your teeth, and enjoy 15 of the most frightening death sequences in horror!

Oakland, 2007 Humberto Hernandez was killed by A FLYING HYDRANT. A SUV hit the hydrant after blowing a tire. The 200-pound lump of metal didn't just t
Source: Los Angeles Times

Brazil, 2013 Joao Maria De Souza was CRUSHED BY A COW IN HIS OWN BED. The COW, which had apparently escaped from a farm, got on De Souza's roof via a
Source: HuffPost

United Kingdom, 1924 Thornton Jones CUT HIS OWN THROAT WHILE SLEEPING. I dreamt that / had done it, Jones wrote for his family. I awoke to find it
Source: The Evening Star

Moscow, 2014 Christophe de Margerie died when he CRASHED AGAINST A SNOWPLOW. WITH HIS AIRPLANE. De Margerie, CEO of a big French company, was about to
Source: Reuters

England, 1881 Sir William Payne-Galwey was KILLED BY TURNIPS. Sir William, a former Member of Parliament, was out hunting when he tripped while crossi
Source: The Northern Echo
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