15 Pieces Of 'Movie Trivia' Everyone Gets Wrong

Simon Pegg would like to have a word.
15 Pieces Of 'Movie Trivia' Everyone Gets Wrong

Has anyone said a rumor about you? Like that when you were in 6th grade, you spilled barbecue sauce on your pants and some kid said that you pee barbecue sauce? Now everything not only thinks you wet your pants, but when you did wet your pants, you peed barbecue sauce on them? Then you spend several years and graduation reunions sighing and explaining to former classmates, “No, I don't pee barbecue sauce, that was just a stain from when I spilled some, now can you please stop holding that plate of chicken wings next to my crotch?” 

Well, maybe that exact incident never happened to you, but something like that might have. It definitely has happened to several actors and filmmakers around certain movies they have made. Well, we're here to set the record straight.

Here are some of the wildest rumors about the making of your favorite films that simply just aren't true.

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