22 Shocking Statistics That Change How You See the World


Whether we read it in a history book, saw it on the news, or listen to our dumb friends, we all like to regurgitate smart-sounding facts. Well, it's time for some real talk.

With the help of master plastician AuntieMeme, we'd like to clear the air on some "well-known facts" you may have learned throughout life.

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Think rats are just a minor, gross annoyance? OR THEY DESTROY UP TO CONTAMINATE 40% OF OUR FOOD. In poor and rural areas, rats eat 20 percent of the c

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The Hindenburg crash was a horrific disaster that left nothing but scorched earth. Or was it? More than half of the people aboard survived. Of the 97

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What country does the most searches for gay porn? The USA? Japan? According to Google, Kenya, Pakistan, and Uganda have that distinction. Homosexualit

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Men are much more aggressive than women. Unless gender is hidden. Then women are more aggressive. Scientists found that when playing a bomb-dropping g

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The Three Mile Island meltdown was a nuclear disaster of epic proportions. Or not. The radiation released was equivalent to about one-sixth of a chest

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