21 Actors Who Lifted Iconic TV And Movie Props


When an actor works with a particular prop for years, or wears an especially... intimate prosthetic, they develop a certain sentimental attachment to it. How can you not? Objects have power, like talismans and such. Inception was a whole movie about a bunch of dudes who couldn't tell what reality was without their little item no one else could touch. You've spent months holding this…spinning top? Is that right? Okay, spinning top. We can get you one from the Dollar Sto…ok, keep that one. Any it's hard to let go. 

But taking it home after the movie wraps? That's a grey area. It's a little like walking out of work on your last day with the company laptop; sure, Mark Wahlberg did some good work with that prosthetic penis, but he didn't pay for it. 

Here are a few famous props that fell off the back of the truck, and onto an actor's coffee table:

21 Actors Who Lifted Iconic TV And Movie Props
Source: CNN
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