Famous People’s Ages That Make Us Question Our Sense Of Time

They were born in the same year?!
Famous People’s Ages That Make Us Question Our Sense Of Time

We sometimes associate "significant figures in history" to "existing in the distant past." It's hard to imagine timelines across the world happening simultaneously, how old historic figures would be if their lives weren't cut short, or even how old former child celebrities are.

Bearing in mind some celebrities are pressured to lie about their age to stay relevant longer, here are some age comparisons to help correct your internal faulty timelines.

TIFFANY & CO. IS 16 YEARS OLDER THAN VAN GOGH. Tiffany & Co. was founded in 1837. and would go on to supply the Union Army with swords during the Civi
THE QUEEN AND MARILYN MONROE WERE BORN THE SAME YEAR. Queen Elizabeth II and Monroe met once, when they were 30 years old. CRACKED.COM
KIM JONG- AND KATY PERRY WERE SUPPOSEDLY BORN IN THE SAME YEAR. Kim Jong-un's actual birth year is mysterious, but his personal chef is said to have l
GENGHIS KHAN WAS BORN AROUND THE TIME CONSTRUCTION STARTED ON NOTRE-DAME. Construction on the cathedral finished (with continuing alterations) about 3
LADY GAGA AND THE OLSEN TWINS ARE THE SAME AGE. PTIVAL. Maybe this is less weird if you didn't grow up watching re-runs of the Olsens as babies on TV.
CHRIS COULFER IS OLDER THAN DAKOTA JOHNSON. Born in the same year, the baby-faced Glee star is somehow older than the 50 Shades of Grey leading lady.
JOAN OF ARC WAS BORN BEFORE THE AZTEC EMPIRE. According to estimates, she only overlapped with the empire for three years, until her death in 1431. CR
CHER IS A MONTH OLDER THAN TRUMP. Cher's Twitter presence is much, much better and is a prime example that age doesn't mean regressive politics. CRACK
BETTY WHITE IS SEVEN YEARS OLDER THAN MLK WOULD HAVE BEEN. MLK was murdered when he was 39 years old. Betty White was 63 when she was cast in Golden G
CARDI B. IS THE SAME AGE AS MIRANDA COSGROVE. The WAP Queen and iCarly were born less than eight months apart. CRACKED.COM
TUPAC WOULD HAVE BEEN JARED LETO'S AGE. It's amazing both these people could have been born in the same decade, let alone year. CRACKED.COM
TAYLOR SWIFT IS FOUR DAYS OLDER THAN THE SIMPSONS. She, however, keeps consistently putting out hits. CRACKED.COM
AOC AND PEWDIEPIE ARE THE SAME AGE. tch Their age and social media influence are the only things they have in common. CRACKED.COM
JARED KUSHNER IS YOUNGER THAN MACAULAY CULKIN. Here's hoping Kushner will soon retire from the spotlight, too. CRACKED.COM
PRINCE PHILIP IS EIGHT YEARS OLDER THAN ANNE FRANK WOULD HAVE BEEN. He married Queen Elizabeth two years after Anne Frank was murdered. CRACKED.COM
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