Famous People Who Dodged Huge (Sometimes Literal) Bullets

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Famous people do seem to be on the receiving end of some amazing good luck. But it goes much deeper than getting that big break in movies or on TV or on the socials. Sometimes their charmed lives keep them out of the face of danger, and just by the slimmest margin.

A ton of celebrities have come super close to being victims of crimes, accidents, or other types of disasters -- some of which were even deadly. For example:

Entry by Andrea Meno

Michael Jackson was going to be in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. He had meetings scheduled in the WTC that morning, but he missed them

Entry by LAJL

In 1958, Elizabeth Taylor was supposed to be accompanying her then-husband Mike Todd to NewYork on their private plane, but had to stay back because s

Quincy Jones was almost at the site of a mass murder. He'd made plans to meet friend a at a dinner party at the home of Sharon Tate, but he forgot and

Entry by Kalli

CRACKED COM Alan B. Shepard dodged two space bullets. America's first man in space probably would've also commanded the first Apollo mission, if a med

Entry by Busteq

CRACKEDCO David Bowie came close to being murdered by Mark David Chapman. THE ANT MA CLEGA 61 6f 6: 6r Chapman had a kill list, and Bowie was next in

Entry by DingDongKun

Boy George was almost crushed by a falling glitter ball. George was severely bruised, when the 62 pound ball fell on him during rehearsals. The ball m

Entry by wafs

Harrison Ford's luck, like that of his characters, never seems to run out. He has survived 3 plane crashes, gotten crushed by the door of the Millenni

Entry by DingDongKun

CRACKED COM Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had a close call when the IRA tried to assassinate her. The IRA had planted a bomb at the

Entry by Andrea Meno

ElliE Goulding came this close to drowning beneath ice. She and her tour photographer drove their jeep over a frozen lake in Norway in the middle of t

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Joss Stone nearly became the victim of a murder plot. Two men went on a road trip to the singer's home in East Devon with a bunch of murder weapons. D

Entry by DingDongKun

Ryan Reynolds almost died in a skydiving accident when he was 19. Young Reynolds was trying to get his skydiving licence, when his parachute failed to

Entry by DingDongKun

Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova was nearly killed during the 2004 Thailand tsunami. She and her fiance Simon Atlee were vacationing, and when the wave

Entry by Andrea Meno

CRACY Legendary pianist Fats Domino almost drowned in flooding from Hurricane Katrina.. He didn't want to leave NeW Orleans, partly because his wife w

Entry by Andrea Meno

Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker barely escaped a burning plane. LOS TIIS NOT In 2008, his flight crashed on takeoff, killing four people but sparing B

Entry by PookieJones

CRACKED CO Drew Barrymore and her then-fiance Tom Green were asleep when the house caught on fire. Thankfully, their dog woke them up in time to escap

Entry by Kristina Yong

A21-year-old Orlando Bloom was almost left paralyzed when he tried entering a locked building by climbing in through the roof. CA IVAL W Three stories

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKED.COM Gordon Ramsay once found himself on the business end of a rifle. The celebrity chef was investigating illegal fishing in Costa Rica when a