Traditions we take for granted had to start somewhere. Why in the world do we do the things we do? I know, I know, you're probably thinking “some king decreed it to be so, like how everyone in Bacelona has a lisp or whatever.” And that was our first instinct, too! But this is Cracked dot com. Come on. You really think we're not going to research the weirdest shit imaginable just so 1) you have something interesting to read while shitting at work and 2) have something interesting to tell your boss around the water cooler? Ah, who're we kidding, no one goes to offices any more. Hey, maybe Cracked 2444 will talk about why we do everything via touchscreen instead of physical communication!

Anyway, even the most mundane interactions have totally weirdo origin stories. Sometimes they originated in the unlikeliest of places. Even birthday candle wishes! Here's that, plus 18 more customs' origin stories.

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COVERING YOUR MOUTH WHILE YAWNING ffhle Ancient cultures believed yawning left you vulnerable to evil spirits entering through your mouth. CRACKEDCON

PINKY SWEARING Pinky swearing may be derived from yubikiri, literally finger-cutting, which is a promise if broken, can result in having your finger


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