The 24 Creepiest Discoveries People Just Stumbled Into

Stephen King characters would have better luck than this.
The 24 Creepiest Discoveries People Just Stumbled Into

As you're about to find out, some discoveries are less Holy Grail and more Necronomicon.

With the help of practitioner of the dark photo arts Auntiememe, we present baffling and downright creepy discoveries people ever chanced upon.

Road workers uncovered a mass grave with 51 headless Vikings The 51 beheaded skeletons, discovered. in Weymouth, England, were confirmed to be Vikings
A 1927 pilot spotted these Wheel Patterns in the Sand from Syria to Saudi Arabia. There are hundreds of them, up to 230 feet in diameter, and they're
Since the 1930s, Hundreds of Stone Balls have been discovered in Costa Rica. They range in size from a few centimeters to over two meters in diameter.
Cave explorers in New Lealand found a disturbingly well-preserved Prehistoric Bid The team was exploring Mt. Owen, excavating a path between two caves
Customers found SYRINGES hidden in the clothing at a Georgia WalMart. A teenage girl was stuck by a syringe she found in a pair. of pajamas, and a wom
The 24 Creepiest Discoveries People Just Stumbled Into
A New Mexico librarian found SMaLLPox scabs in an envelope in an old book. The scabs were found in an 1888 book on Civil War medicine in an envelope m
Earlier this year, shepherds discovered a TOXIC LAKE that wasn't there before. The water mysteriously appeared in the Tunisian desert and promptly tur
A book dealer bought A Book Nobody Can Decipher in Italy, in 1912. The codex, named after Wilfrid Voynich, was carbon dated to the 1400s. It contains
An Idaho family found Snakes in the Walls of their new house. Soon after moving in, the family started noticing snakes everywhere. At times they would
A 3000-year-oid SaRCoPHaGus was hidden in the walls of a British man's home. The man's relatives had no idea it was there. It was discovered by an auc
The Severed Head of a French King was found in an attic. BLACAS Creative The skull belonged to France's Henri IV, who died in Getty 1610. His head was
A German couple discovered a Perfect Mummy while they were hiking in the Alps. The couple thought they'd stumbled across a dead hiker. They might have
Scientists unearthed a tortured mummy in 1886. He was buried in an unmarked box and wrapped in sheepskin, which was considered unclean by ancient Egyp
A Spanish man found the Mummified Remains of the Previous Owner in his newly-purchased home. In the six years between the time the mortgage payments s
A Colorado woman's new home had The woman discovered that the previous owner had a large bee infestation removed, and without the bees there flapping
The Mars Rover opportunity spotted a rock that appeared out of nowhere. Same exact spot, 12 days apart Sol 3528 Sol 3540 Before After pho (wild artist
A paleontologist discovered a Mass Animal Grave in an Idaho cornfield, in 1971. In 1978 and 1979, a total of 200 skeletons were unearthed from what on
Archaeologists found a skull with chunk a of another skull inside it along with 10 other skulls, some of which were impaled on spikes, at the bottom o
A Turkish man doing renovations found an Underground CITY beneath his home. It was 1963. The man knocked down a wall and uncovered a tunnel to a massi
A wl BUNKER FULLOFDEAD GERMANS Was recently excavated in France. The tunnel, which was bombed by the French in 1918, contained 21 dead German soldiers
Bogs bodies are full of and bog water keeps them preserved for posterity. MUST This unlucky specimen, known as Forhistorisk Grauballe man, was found i
Bones IN THE Basement Workers repairing the foundation of a 100-year-old Wisconsin home made a gruesome discovery with their backhoe. With the second
Archaeologists have found Electric Batteries dating back to billical times. Workers found what they thought were vases, at a dig near Baghdad. When th

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