32 Actors' (Double-Take Worthy) Early Roles


When viewing a film or Tv show, it may appear to be a diversion to the viewer at first, but actors frequently portray multiple characters in the plot. While portraying many roles may have been necessary in the past due to a tiny cast, it is now purposely utilized as part of a good narrative.

As a technique it tests how well an actor can personify a different role. When an actor plays multiple roles, it is sometimes clear, and other times it is less so. You might be startled by the accompanying list of celebrities who have appeared in multiple roles in the very same film, but you will be blown away!

Even if an actor gets to escape from an otherwise grueling 9-to-5, that doesn't mean their first job in a film will be any less embarrassing. We asked our readers to find the first-time movie parts that all the big actors, without a doubt, wish would go away forever. The winner is listed below, but first, let's look at the runners-up...

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