15 Movies And Shows With Subtle Sight Gags

Blink and you'll miss the joke.
15 Movies And Shows With Subtle Sight Gags

It's pretty easy to speculate about how these sneaky shout-outs got into these blockbusters. Maybe making movies gets boring. It's a job like any other, right, and the people doing it probably need to blow off some steam -- say, by throwing in a gag that's subtle enough for the higher-ups either not to notice or not to care about.

We can’t deny it. We love writing about sight gags, easter eggs and clever little details hidden in movies. We’ve covered famous TV gags we’re likely to never see again. We’ve covered hidden jokes in very famous works of pop culture. We’ve even talked about absolutely ridiculous and subtle gags that almost everyone missed.

We were totally surprised by some of these…we didn’t even know the Ginger Witch existed in the Harry Potter universe.  She’s just one example of how it pays to read (between) the headlines.

Which could explain how we get sneaky onscreen Easter eggs like:

A ton of newspaper pages in the Harry Potter movies have an article about a crime committed by the Ginger Witch. DANGEER vhicula at. fed fagittif jito
At the end of Hot Fuzz, when Officer Angel knocks the gun out of Skinner's hand, the gun smashes the model Somerfield store's door. sSomerrileld Prett
In Austin Powers: Goldmember, Dr. Evil's prison number is 00001 and Mini-Me's is 00001/8. 0000 00001 00001 Mini-Me was created to be identical to Dr.
15 Movies And Shows With Subtle Sight Gags
The asteroid fields in the original Star Wars trilogy include potatoes. The visual effects team threw them in as background asteroids, allegedly as a
The truck that almost flattens Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story 2 has a sign that kartoffel Pfannekuchen. n wepry That's German for Potato Pancakes. C
In Aquaman's credits scene, there's a newspaper clipping with the headline Wonder Woman Nixes Aquaman Dating Rumours. Myth of Atlantis Based in Fae
The FBI cake in Silence of the Lambs is cut SO that, literally, justice is served. SUSTICE FOUSA OF RRTAAENT FEDERAL EITY BUROOF BURDA
Han Solo pops up all over in Firefiy. Apparently, the prop department made a prop of Han Solo frozen in carbonite for Nathan Fillion (who's a big Star
The credits for Men in Black have a disclaimer about the aliens. FILMED WITH PANAVISION CAMERAS 6 LENSES THE CHARACTERS AND INCIDENTS PORTRAYED AND TH
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