Language is always evolving so the origin of an idiom or word is less important than the common meaning, but it still makes for interesting trivia. Read on for 19 instances of semantic drift over time.

 MY COUNTRY,  RIGHT OR WRONG WHAT WE Nationalism, THINK IT regardless of MEANS circumstance It's my country to change as needed. ITS ORIGINAL My co

  DAPPER WHAT WE well-dressed, stylish THINK IT MEANS heavy-set ITS ORIGINAL Definitely not MEANING as applicable to Ryan Gosling. CRACKED COM
Source: Mental Floss

 BEG THE  QUESTION WHAT WE It raises THINK IT a question. MEANS It is a logical fallacy of assuming the ITS conclusion. ORIGINAL It originated with
Source: Urbo

  DEFECATE WHAT WE to THINK IT poop MEANS to purify ITS ORIGINAL As in, it's not unusual MEANING to drink defecated water. CRACKED COM
Source: Mental Floss

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