Tell Us Now: 15 Movies & Shows That Would Be Better With DeVito

A glimpse into the entertainment we could have had, if only.
Tell Us Now: 15 Movies & Shows That Would Be Better With DeVito

There's a pretty wide range of entertainment to stream right now, and sometimes it's hard to make a decision. But it's easily solved, by asking one question: "Which show (or movie) has Danny DeVito?"

Which got us thinking, how amazing would the movie and TV landscape look, if there were more DeVito? So we asked our fans on Facebook to tell us which specific shows and movies they'd like to see infused with some DeVito magic. Then we fired up Photoshop.

TELL US NOW. Seeing Danny DeVito as Yoda would fill Joel W. with joy. Seeing Luke doing his training with DeVito on his back would make my life. Or t
Joel W.
TELL US NOW. T.A. M. says we need Devito on SuperGirl. Danny could finally give Us the Mr. Mxyzptlk we deserve, or a hilarious take on Main Man Lobo.
T.A. M.
TELL US NOW. Rhiannon R. wants to see DeVito in Lucifer, Ever since I told my husband that Lucifer's twin is going to show up , he keeps
Rhiannon R.
TELL US NOW. Phil K. needs to see Danny DeVito on Psych. And he would play a police detective, and his character would be identical to Frank Reynolds
Phil K.
TELL US NOW. Joel L. says DeVito should do color for the Tour de France. 3019 The stipulation being that he doesn't know that is his gig until he get
Joel L.
TELL US NOW. Eli S. says DeVito should play Plankton in the Spongebob movie. But don't animate him. Just live-action DeVito yelling at Karen his comp
Eli S.
TELL US NOW. When they do a live- action Little Mermaid, DeVito should play Scuttle. Nate A. says, He's got the goofy sarcasm and comedic timing that
Nate A.
TELL US NOW. One reader points out that DeVito was born to star in a Hobbit movie. I love Martin Freeman, but Frank Reynolds getting dragged along to
Chekhov's MacGuffin (Facebook page)
TELL US NOW. Jean-Paul B. says Fast & Furious needs an injection of DeVito. Nothing says supercharged adrenaline like DeVito in a booster seat! Bonus
Jean-Paul B.
TELL US NOW. Dee B. says if there's ever a live-action Jetsons... Danny DeVito should play George's boss, Mr. Spacely.
Dee B.
TELL US NOW. Cam R. says Danny DeVito should have played the Oompa Loompas. Having a sarcastic, disgruntled DeVito grumble behind Depp's Wonka and ge
Cam R.
TELL US NOW. When The Last Of Us comes to HBO, Anthony T. says DeVito should play Bill. It doesn't take much to imagine DeVito channeling Bill Hicks.
Anthony T.
TELL US NOW. Bruce H. says DeVito should have played Gimli, in the LOTR trilogy. There's already some element of comedic relief to the character, whi
Bruce H.
TELL US NOW. Alec G. would like to see Danny DeVito on Law & Order. Seriously. MAN TTAN SPEC TIMS UNIT Specifically, a recurring character as a defen
Alec G.
TELL US NOW. Patrick B. says Deadpool needs DeVito. Sidekick, villain, bartender, or landlord. The banter would be unreal. Or as an alternative unive
Patrick B.

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