When A WWII Toilet Was Mistaken For A Grave


With over 37 years of military service that span the World Wars and a movie Patton that depicts his life during WWII, General George S. Patton Jr. has achieved folk hero status. He commanded the US Tank School in Bourg, France, where the following story takes place.

George S. Patton Jr. was a controversial figure and an effective American military commander. 0sa nus c He's best known for his accomplishments during

Patton kept detailed journals, which is where one particularly amusing story came from. In 1917 during WWI, Patton was scouting Bourg, France, for the

The mayor approached Patton. Weeping, he inquired why Patton hadn't told him of the death of the American soldier. MAarE CHISTORICALEY ACCURATE) Patto

What he saw wasn't a grave at all. ARANDONED REAR UYAHIB There was a stick with a perpendicular sign attached reading Abandoned Rear that marked a l

The French had assumed the sign was a cross and the buried human excrement pit was a grave. 1i- CRACKED.COM

Patton revisited the city again in 1944 during WWIl. The grave was still being respectfully maintained. CRACKED.COM

Patton didn't tell them the truth. aou se It was a secret he took to his own (real) grave, only to be revealed in his posthumously published memoir. C
Source: Snopes
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