Movies That Definitely Don't Mean What People Think

Movies That Definitely Don't Mean What People Think

Look, movies are a lot of things, but they're not very subtle. So it's pretty easy to figure out what life lessons the filmmakers are trying to teach us. Good triumphs over evil. Hard work can compete with natural talent. Metal computer squids are bad and we should stop the Matrix. Very basic, simple, digestible concepts that are as subtle as slicing bread with a Louisville Slugger baseball bat.

But sometimes they actually do get a little too nuanced. Or their attempts at irony completely miss the mark. Of they're just not written too well and their message is murky to begin with. Or they get to have it both ways, like Robocop being both a story about a badass cop that uses his robotic ways to clean up the city with ultra-violence and a dark satire touching upon the problems of corporate overreach in our public service departments that's also a Christ metaphor.

Anyway, the point is that you might be completely missing the point the movie was trying to make, in at least a few cases. For example:

THE MOVIE: Night of the Living Dead WHAT YOU Racism is bullsh*t, guys. THINK IT MEANS: WHAT IT Nobody listens, guys. MEANS: Director George Romero say
Source: Jones, Alan (2005). The Rough Guide to Horror Movies. Rough Guides.

THE MOVIE: Natural Born Killers WHAT YOU Gratuitous violence fest. THINK IT MEANS: WHAT IT Takedown of movies with MEANS: gratuitous violence. Despite
Source: Muir, John Kenneth (2011). Horror Films of the 1990s. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland.

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