Whatever Happened to Lois Duncan?

Sometimes life imitates art.
Whatever Happened to Lois Duncan?

Lois Duncan is a beloved staple of the young adult bookshelf, but the teen suspense author lived a horror story of her own. Read more about how her life imitated her art.

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Lois Arquette (pen name Lois Duncan) started writing suspense novels in 1966. She's probably best known for her novel I Know What You Did Last Summe
She helped to create and define the genre of YOUNG ADULT SUSPENSE. LOIS DUNCAN FIVE STUDENTS KIDNAPPED. FOUR FAMILIES TORN APART. ransom By the bestse
Arquette had five children. Her youngest was Kait Arquette. CRACKEDCOMT
Whatever happened to KAIT CARQUETTE? In 1989 when Kait was 18, she was driving her car when she was shot twice, once in the temple and another in the
Whatever happened to KAIT ARQUETTE? The car ran into a telephone pole, and Kait was pronounced brain-dead in the hospital. CRACKED COM
Kait's murder remains unsolved. I had the crazy feeling I had scripted the story of my oun future, Lois Arquette wrote. The twist and turns of the i
Suspect #1: The Boyfriend QIER Kait's boyfriend Dung Nguyen was beloved by the family and called Lois Mom. However, Nguyen was suspiciously was stab
Suspect #1: The Boyfriend Kait's friends later revealed that Nguyen was involved in staged accident frauds, which Kait had found out about and was fig
Suspect #1: The Boyfriend Additionally, Nguyen had called a friend in distress over Kait's death hours before police notified him of the death. Police
Suspect #2: Drive-By Shooters The Albuquerque Police Department charged two men with her death. They claimed one of the men had dared the other to sho
In 1992, Lois Arquette published Who Killed My Daughter? ucuIL IAN 1U deheci hulterirer detk WHO and nind-chilling horror. UPDATED STARTLING WITH -An
Suspect #3: The Witness A private investigator hired by Arquette dug into the case and found several police fumbles. One of those included a man at th
A Police Cover-Up? The P.I. found more information that didn't seem to align. No bullets were collected from the scene, and discovered the bullet size
Lois Arquette started following clues on her own. After 30 years our family still asks: Who killed Kaitlyn Arquette? KaitArquette@gmail.com She kept b
After the death of her daughter, Arquette only wrote one more thriller. Bestsellins now Wat You Didlst Samer The Longest Hair author LOIS DUNCAN in th
I went weak after Kait's murder. How could I even think about creating a novel with a young woman in a life-threatening situation? Lois Arquette sai
Lois Arquette died in 2016 at 82-years-old. 0AID The final book she released was a sequel to Who Killed My Daughter? called One to the Wolves, which w
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