Tell Us Now: Controversial Opinions About Superhero Movies

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Tell Us Now: Controversial Opinions About Superhero Movies

Superhero movies are so ubiquitous, everyone's got an opinion about them. And some of those opinions will get you straight-up dogpiled. So we decided to carve out a safe space on Facebook and ask our fans to air those hot superhero movie takes that inevitably get them into fights.

Here's what they told us:

TELL US NOW. Gilbert Z. is caping for Man of Steel. and Henry Cavill is the best Superman on screen. Everyone wanted him to be like Captain America,
Gilbert Z.
TELL US NOW. Andrew Garfield was a better Spider-Man, says Andre K. He looked much more like Peter Parker and delivered the charm and fun of the char
Andre K.
TELL US NOW. Ken W. is here for the Martha scene. Batfleck realized in that moment that 'not a god, not even a man' was so human that he cared more
Ken W.
TELL US NOW. MikE A. says Nolan's Batman films shouldn't be considered superhero movies. It's because the movies do everything they can to be taken a
Mike A.
TELL US NOW. Newt C. says Edward Norton is a better Hulk than Mark Ruffalo. Norton carries the right mix of anger, anxiety, intelligence, ego, and de
Newt C.
TELL US NOW. Toby C. says Days of Future Past screwed up the whole series. Everything that happens is just incredibly futile, now that most of the ea
Toby C.
TELL US NOW. Joe B. says Donnie Darko is a superhero movie. Guy with an alliterative name granted multiple powers (future sight, time travel, super s
Joe B.
TELL US NOW. The Joker is the same character Joaquin Phoenix always plays. He's self-involved, yet wonders why nobody wants to be around him, in We O
Lucas E.
TELL US NOW. Paul T. says Thanos wasn't a bad guy. He saw a legitimate issue that nobody would address, and was fair and just in his solution (as 'ex
Paul T.
TELL US NOW. Mark T. says we need to toss all the DC movies and start over, They're pretty much crap. They would do much better to let the creators o
Mark T.
TELL US NOW. DC C. says superhero movies should always be period pieces. Batman in the low-tech '40s, the Fantastic Four in the jet-age '60s, etc. Tak
TELL US NOW. Kenton A. says Black Widow is more feminist than Captain Marvel. She has no superpowers and a minimum amount of gadgets. She has leaders
Kenton A.
TELL US NOW. CK B. says the '70s-'80s Superman flicks are overrated. The Christopher Reeve Superman films are objectively only SO-SO, and wouldn't be
TELL US NOW. Marty M. says the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie was a total ripoff. That whole movie was too much of a ripoff of Taxi Driver and King Of C
Marty M.
TELL US NOW. Tony H. says Jesse Eisenberg is the best Lex Luthor. His portrayal was the closest to the true version of the character on the big scree
Tony H.
TELL US NOW. Christian W. says Heath Ledger's Joker made no sense. He was an anarchistic psychopath, but didn't seem to take any kind of joy in what
Christian W.
TELL US NOW. Allan W. says the girl power in Avengers Endgame was weak tea. If you want to empower your female characters, give them powerful roles
Allan W.
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