The Most Brutal Curse Tablets Ever Discovered

The Most Brutal Curse Tablets Ever Discovered

As we've pointed out before, ancient people were just as messed up as we are. Instead of Twitter, they had curse tablets: ancient shitposters would lay out a petty grievance, suggest a gruesome punishment, then toss it in a pit with a bunch of other complaints.

Someone stole your boots? Curse tablet. Mad at your neighbor? Curse tablet! A little worked up? You know that's a curse tablet!

They were generally scrawled on a sheet of soft metal, but we wanted to give them the carved-in-stone treatment, as befits such timeless rage. Here are real quotes from the most brutal curse tablets ever chiseled:

Tacita, hereby accursed, is labelled old liKe putrid gorer Nice try, but Tacita doesn't believe in labels. 0 Vol atiediiixs -1-4.1AD CRACKEDCON
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