Unexpectedly Sexy Celebrity Photos

Unexpectedly Sexy Celebrity Photos

We all get used to seeing famous people in certain contexts and during certain phases of their lives, and it's easy to forget that they weren't always the person we know of today. It's not just that they were younger -- sometimes they seemed like completely different people. And in some cases, much sexier people. Here are some familiar celebrities bringing an unexpected amount of smolder.

James Earl Jones During his college days

Maya Angelou When she was a Calypso dancer CRACKED COM

Ricky Gervais Lead singer in Sedona Dancing CRACKED COM

Sir Patrick Stewart Playing Oberon, in A Midsummer Night's Dream

Richard Nixon 23 On his college football team CRACKED COM

Martha Stewart During her modeling days ORACKEDCOM

Larry David In his college portrait

Helen Mirren In 1973's O Lucky Man CRACKED COM

Jim Ernest' Varney When he arrived in Hollywood

Queen Elizabeth I When she was an ATS mechanic

Drew Carey During his Marine Corps days

Betty White At age 35, in 1957

Bob Ross During his Air Force days CRACKED COM

Christopher Walken Back when he was a lion tamer CRACKED COM
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