12 Movie Heroic Sacrifices (That Were Spectacularly Dumb)

These aren't wise and noble acts at all.
12 Movie Heroic Sacrifices (That Were Spectacularly Dumb)

There's nothing wrong with characters in movies doing dumb things. Mistakes can be fun to watch, and anyway, real people make mistakes all the time. We put six typos in that last sentence alone, and it's not like a camera crew captured it. But Hollywood has an awful habit of having characters do something incredibly dumb and then everyone else acting like this was a wise and noble act, something we should all hope to one day do, if we're only brave enough.

We're talking about heroic sacrifices, which can make for a dramatic and satisfying end to a character's story, unless they're so stupid that we get up and shout, "You idiot! You didn't have to do that at all!" We've touched on this subject a few times before, but God bless Hollywood: the gift that keeps on giving. Here are even more heroic sacrifices that are super dumb when you think about them.

In A Quiet Place, John Krasinski yells to attract monsters from his kid. Doesn't he carry anything he can noisily throw instead? Like a rock? Or a jar
A SEAL in Suicide Squad dies setting off a bomb to kill the villain Incubus. Then Diablo sacrifices himself, holding Incubus on the other side of the
In Spider-Man 3, Harry uses his own body to shield Peter from his glider. 02 Weird that this works. That glider smashes through brick walls. Flesh sho
In Kingsman, Merlin runs out of his freeze spray that disables land mines. Unable to step off safely, he lures in some baddies with song, then blows t
In Aquaman, the Queen says the Atlanteans will never stop hunting her. So she gives up her life on land and goes back to Atlantis, to her presumed dea
The X-Men remember Havok's Apocalypse death as a heroic sacrifice. But what was he trying to accomplish, shooting out that laser? He blows up the mans
Skurge in Thor: Ragnarok leaps off the ship to die fighting the zombie army. But he just needs to kill the ones entering the ship, and he can do that
Bruce Willis in Glass goes after the villains, though they know his weakness. For him, it's a suicide mission. So, why doesn't he just ... call the co
Later Bond movies say Vesper died in Casino Royale to protect James. How? Why? No explanation. She chooses death just because she knows the movie's en
The Amazing Spider-Man's Uncle Ben dies confronting a thief. This isn't heroic. He saves no one. No one was in any danger until Ben grabbed at the guy
Trudy in Avatar goes down fighting for the Na'vi, against her people. ...who all fire on her because she went and painted her plane with Na'vi stripes
12 Movie Heroic Sacrifices (That Were Spectacularly Dumb)
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