The TV Pilot About A Robo-Dinosaur (Who Fights Crime)


For those of you lucky enough not to remember the year 1992, there was a failed TV pilot called Steel Justice. The show was a futuristic cop procedural starring Robosaurus, a giant mechanical dinosaur whose main claim to fame prior was destroying junk cars at monster truck rallies all across America. (Marketing synergy was even weirder back then.)

Anyway, here are the highlights of Steel Justice so you don't need to waste 90 minutes of your life.

The TV Pilot About A Robo-Dinosaur (Who Fights Crime)

The movie/failed TV pilot is set in the dystopian future of the 21st century. (Remember this was made in 1992.) A narrator confirms the environmental

That troubled cop's name is David Nash. He wakes up after being haunted by dreams of this magical character. HE SEES HIS DEAD SON'S TOY COME TO LIFE A

Jeremiah breaks out of custody, and there's of a lot boring plot build-up with the bad guys scheming. DAVID BEATS UP JEREMIAH... AGAIN. We learn tha

The TV Pilot About A Robo-Dinosaur (Who Fights Crime)

WEIRDER YET, IT'S ALMOST IMPLIED THE ROBOSAURUS IS HIS SON REINCARNATED. obc Because we all know how much eight-year-olds brought back from the dead l

Robosaurus sets everything on fire then disappears. And that's happily ever after? DON'T FORGET, KIDS, ACAB. Even giant, fictitious, fire-breathing, d

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