Tell Us Now: Movies That Would Make The Best TV Shows

It's time to expand some universes.
Tell Us Now: Movies That Would Make The Best TV Shows

We're all pretty hungry for shows these days -- particularly the type that can be streamed anywhwere. We figured that literally the only reason studios aren't stepping up with a ton of great new bingeables is a lack of ideas. Our readers have great ideas, we thought to ourselves. So we asked them, on Facebook, which movies would be the best candidates for turning into series.

Here's what they told us.

TELL US NOW. Michael H. would watch the hell out of a show that takes place in the John Wick universe. He's not suggesting a show about Wick himself,
Michael H.
TELL US NOW. James S. wants to see a series set at Harry Potter's magic school. We know all about Harry and his friends, but how about a show about Ho
James S.
TELL US NOW. There's way more to Titan A.E. than we saw in the movie. There was a lot of world building done in preparation for the movie, but so muc
Ben S.
TELL US NOW. Mattie L. wants to see Mars Attacks made into a TV series. She envisions it as a Walking Dead parody. So it'd be just as violent and apoc
Mattie L.
TELL US NOW. Forget bingeing The Office. What we need is a live-action Ghostbusters. Stephen C. says, a day-to-day work comedy about Ghostbusting wou
Stephen C.
TELL US NOW. Looper could be the new, grittier Quantum Leap. Bramwell S. thinks there should be a time travel series based on Looper. We'd get to see
Bramwell S.
TELL US NOW. Anchorman needs to be a show. It's kind of a big deal. At least that's what Tim S. says. Ensemble comedies always seem to translate well
Tim S.
TELL US NOW. Alex P. thinks a series could save Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. God I wanted that movie to be good so badly! It was beau
Alex P.
TELL US NOW. Chad P. and Paul B. agree: Buckaroo Banzai should be a series. It's a team of colorful characters, led by a genius dimension-hopping brai
Chad P & Paul B.
TELL US NOW. Most of the X-Men movies would work much better as series. Brad S. points out that there's way too much plot to fit into a 2-hour movie,
Brad S.
TELL US NOW. Grant B. says we need a series based on Fury Road, right now. Picture it: A giant post-apocalyptic world with crazy characters and lots
Grant B.
TELL US NOW. Eragon was a terrible movie. But picture it as a fantasy epic TV show. Jason L. is sure that, if it were given the Daredevil or Game of T
Jason L.
. TELL US NOW. Patrick P. is ready for a Better Off Dead series. I don't know if it would have to take place in the '80s or make it current, but you
Patrick P.
TELL US NOW. Adam N. would love to see a series based on Ringu/The Ring. The movies are great, but the novels dig way, way deeper, he says. There's a
Adam N.
TELL US NOW. The Fifth Element should be the next big sci-fi series. EASS MULY BJ H. has a fairly brilliant suggestion for bringing the rich, bizarre
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