26 Half-Baked Solutions That Solved Huge Problems

The next time someone tells you that you can't half-ass your way through life, just remember that one of those half-asses could save the world.
26 Half-Baked Solutions That Solved Huge Problems

Ron Swanson leaves us with the brilliant advice to not “half ass two things, but whole ass one thing.” It turns out, even the mighty Ron is sometimes wrong.

People enjoy plans (particularly their personal plans) whenever it comes to addressing issues that make difficult decisions, so they typically make a huge deal about them. 

Remember this the next time someone tells you that you can't half-ass your way through life: one of those half-asses could actually save the planet from certain doom.

We're talking about prisoners copying escape maps using jello, mid-air surgeries using coat hangers, and astronauts using snorkels in a space station to avert certain doom. Sure, people may be lazy, but they are also ingenious.

Here are some half-baked solutions to major issues. Our readers gathered examples of problems that appeared to be solved with little to no effort. The winner is listed below, but first, let's look at the runners-up...

Ona a flight where a woman got lethal tension pneumothorax (collapsed lung) Dr Angus Wallace with Dr Tom Wong performed a mid-air surgery using the la
British POWs made copies of a map of their prison with lemon gelatin. Creative British pilots were held as prisoners of World war II in Getty Coltitz
During the 1915 Battle of Ypres when the Germans launched the first gas attacks, some British soldiers tied socks soaked in their own pee around their
The Lunar Module (LM) for Apollo 13 was built to sustain tWo men for 24 hours. However, all three of the astronauts had to stay in it during the incid
Astronauts on the International Space Station created makeshift snorkels to keep them from drowning in their space suits. An Italian astronaut nearly
Allied soldiers rigged rifles with bits of string and old ration tins to hide their movements from the enemy. When the Allied Army in WWI received ord
CRACKEDCON In 1993, French electrician Emile Leray's car broke down while passing through the treacherous Northern African desert 20 miles away from t
When no other means of transportation was available to move troops to the front to stop the Germans who were nearing Paris in 1914. the military gover
CRACKEDo CON During the 1904 World's Fair in sweltering Saint Louis, disaster struck when the ice cream vendors ran out of paper dishes to dispense th
A nurse in Nicaragua o ms 6yo made an IV alarm out of a plastic N selbay AK47 she bought at the toy store. The toy gun is rigged to the IV bag with a
In the Battle of Eurymedon in 190 BC, Hannibal won a naval victory over King Eumenes II of Pergamon by firing pots full of venomous snakes onto Eumene
During World War I, the British Imperial Army defeated Ottoman soldiers by dropping cigarettes laced with opium on them from a plane. The Ottomans wer
A stewardess improvised a diaper by sticking a maxi pad in an airline pillow cover. crea Ge Ph: She didn't mention whether it had wings. htos:!Mww.vah
CRACKED CON COM In 1934 the New York Football Giants played the Chicago Bears for the league championship. The field frozen solid was and the metal cl
A team from MIT built a wireless network in Afghanistan from trash. FhR Members of MIT'S Bits and Atoms lab helped locals build a high-speed wireless
Mongol attackers seized Caffa by catapulting dead bodies at the defending armyo The Golden Horde of Mongols, led by Khan Jani Beg, attacked Caffa. a B
Neurosurgeon Henry Marsh uses a na power drill to perform brain surgery. In 1993, Marsh visited Ukraine to give a series of lectures on brain surgery.
What military use can a wire management tool have? If modified by taping a large steel hook with a sharp blade to the end of the pole it can locate, d
PARDO'S PUSH CRACKEDCO FP On March 10, 1967 Capt EarlAman's F:4 Phantom II was hit several times by anti- FUN FACT: The arrestor hook is aircraft fire
Hu Songwen, a Chinese man living in rural east China, who suifers rom kidney disease and can't afford hospital fees made a dialysis machine from kitch
A baby dying from kidney failure Was saved by a dialysis machine her doctor designed and built from scratch in his garage. Millie Kelly was too small
Students in Tanzania built medical equipment out of motorcycle lights and a shower curtain. In 2011, Angela Czesak was on an Czesak and a partner stru
CRACKEDCON In 2006, professor Michelle Khine was working with microfluids at the University of. California when she needed substitutes for expensive s
What do you do when you are pinned down in a stairwell on the fourth floor trying to eliminate the enemy combatants on the fifth floor? This is exactl
In 2012 the astronauts aboard the International Space Station had to fix a key power system during a spacewalk. Where the regular spaceman toolkit fai
On a 1966 test fight of the XB-70, an Experimental Mach 3 Bomber, when various systems failed and the nose gear wouldn't go down, test pilot Joe Cotto

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