36 Movies And Shows That Didn't Happen But Should Have


With all the terrible movies and TV shows that we can't believe found a way to stumble into existence, it's hard to understand why more good ones can't seem to manage to make it through. We've extensively covered the Nic Cage Superman missed opportunity on this website. And we'll always love pondering Sam Riami's Spider-Man 4. These are truly fascinating projects, really original things from directors and creators who have blown our minds in the past.

We're talking Pulp Fiction prequels, H.P. Lovecraft adaptations from Guillermo del Toro, and an Alien teamup so epic that God Himself came down with an army of angels and personally stopped it. At least, that's a more satisfying explanation than some producer not getting the script.

We asked our readers to find us the greatest movie ideas that, in the end, turned out to just be too awesome to actually exist. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Paka

CRACKED CON STAR TREK PHASE I In 1977, Paramount had plans to create a TV Network called Paramount Television Service (PTV'S). PTVS'S flagship program

Entry by Sheora

Taking place a few centuries after the events of its predecessor, Power of the Dark Crystal was supposed to be a new adventure involving a shard from

Entry by clg123

In 2005, it was announced Neill Blomkamp was that Columbia Pictures slated to direct the movie with Peter Jackson the and 28 Days Later as executive p

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