“They can't all be gems.” -Somebody We Forget - And with that we prove the veracity of the quote, thanks. But boy is it true. Anybody who has done anything for any stretch of time knows there are just some days where it's not happening or a thing you go to the wall for just doesn't work out.

And that is for sure true in movies and television. Some films aim for greatness and achieve it. Others are made just for disposable entertainment, yet they stay with you through the years, like a piece of TP stuck to your shoe (just substitute your shoe for your memory and TP for awesomeness).

But whether a movie was intended to be good or got there by accident -- we're here to ruin them all for you. Because even the best movies have a bit that makes you go, "What kind of hack did this?" Here we're laser-focusing on that part to show you that the difference between gold and trash is smaller than you think.

Entry by Pupusa

With The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Disney made a dark, mature film with a complex villain. AND ANNOYING GARGOYLES THAT RUIN EVERYTHING.

Entry by jetfire852

Several generations have grown up loving everything about Mary Poppins. EXCEPT FOR DICK VAN DYKE'S TRAGIC ATTEMPT AT A COCKNEY ACCENT. The actor actua

Entry by NinjaBill

1978's Superman is still the gold standard for superhero movies. THANKFULLY, NO ONE EVER THOUGHT OF RECREATING THAT BAFFLING POEM. Can you read my mi

Entry by Ted E.

CRACKED C COM The Lord of the Rings has amazing visual effects. EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE SCENE WITH GALADRIEL. Was it made with crayons or something?

Entry by Paka

CRACKED CO COM Breakfast at Tiffany's is still loved 60 years after its release. BUT MICKEY ROONEY IN YELLOWFACE ISN'T.
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