We sometimes forget just how much work goes into the making of our favorite movies. While we're busy arguing whether or not Jack could have fit on that door in that boat movie, directors and their crews are thinking up ways to fill their films with tiny, obsessively accurate details, most of which we don't even notice.

Probably because we're too busy arguing about that fucking door.

For example:

The Lego Movie added smudge marks and even virtual dandruff to the characters. The animation team did lot of a research on how many fingerprints and d

Those markings on the Guardians of the Galaxy characters' prison outfits represents their crimes. James Gunn explained that the color of each stripe s

The contract Bilbo signs in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is a legit legal document. e FED EoNTGAT The contract has around 40 major sections along

Stanley Kubrick insisted that the War Room table in Dr. Strangelove be covered with green felt, even though the entire movie was filmed in black and w

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The stars Rose looks at on that door raft are supposed to be the same stars that were in the sky on that fateful night. Neil deGrasse Tyson emailed Ja

In Doctor Sleep, Rose the Hat's shopping list was really filled out with goodies for every member Of her posse. The actress wrote the list herself, wh

All the President's Men built an expensive replica of the Washington Post and used actual trash from the newsroom. The filmmakers constructed a $450,0

The Quidditch World Cup in Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire had hordes of merchandise we hardly see in the movie. TEAM PROFILE TEAM FORIEAL Final 4

The Batmobile from Batman & Robin had the bat symbol cut into each tire. The car that was SO expensive they built only but it couldn't fit one, commer

Alfonso Cuaron wanted Banksy to be part Of Children of Men SO badly, he managed to get a wall stencil. Cuaron tracked down Banksy's manager because he

This tattoo only got a second of screen time in A Star IS Born, but there's more to It. The tattoo is based on cartoon sketch titled. a Kilroy here.

If you look closely you will see some of the Amazonians in Wonder Woman sporting half-metal breastplates, The detail is nod to the a mythology that cl

The Grand Budapest Hotel is filled to the brim with hundreds Of artifacts. Some of these include fictional banknotes, passports, and newspapers. The c

Instead of just using animated graphics, Arrival had a computer program specially written to decode the alien language. Yes, a programmer wrote actual
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