Dumb PR Stunts That Blew Up In Celebs' Faces

Dumb PR Stunts That Blew Up In Celebs' Faces

If you're a famous person, you probably know that public relations is part of the job. Good PR is everything, because it can be tough competing with countless other people trying to promote their comedy or music albums or recently-leaked sex tapes. So you'd think most celebrities would think things through, before launching their latest attention-grabs. You'd be thinking wrong, because famous people screw this stuff up all the time.

And if there's a Facepalm Hall of Fame, you can bet all of these celebs are in it.

After his leaked DUSTLNL sex tape stunt didn't DIAMOND BE THE BEIND work, Dustin Diamond wrote a tell-all book from his time on Saved By The Bell... t

keeps thinking R. Kelly do live he can interviews to his promote music; is terribly wrong. Kelly has been on HuffPost Live twice since he's been accus

Robin Thicke did a Q&A on Twitter amid allegations of misogyny #AskThicke @VH1 Twitter Q+A JJULY VH 113OPMEST In 2014, Thicke and his team thought it

Eminem's mother created a rap CD in response to her son's denigrating lyrics about her. After Eminem dropped The Marshall Mathers LP, Debbie Mathers s

CeeLo had Rapper Green everyone worried when a leaked promotional video showed him getting injured by an exploding cell phone. In late 2016, a CCTV-st

William posed in Prince photos his roler to promote RAF pilot as an exposing military secrets.i As part of a Royal PR initiative, photos were taken of

band Yacht's L.A. fake sex tape bllew up in their faces. While having your sex tape leaked online might've worked back in 2000, doing it in 2016 was

Ashanti promoted her album The Declaration by encou'raging fans to send death threats to people. Back in 2008, random people started getting emails fr

Morton Downey Show host Jr. pretended he was attacked by neo-Nazis to get publicity. Considered the godfather of trash TV, the host of The Downey Sh

Bill Cosby made a meme to Bal Cosby garner generator positive Go ahea BillCosby CosbyM publicity while he was being accused of sex crimes. HAPPY MONDA

record about his To set the straight with Jeffrey Epstein, relationship did Prince Andrew interview... an defending his relationship with Epstein. In

Harrelson did Woody an Reddit; AMA on doesn't know what AMA means. Back in 2012, Harrelson did one of Reddit's Ask Me Anything sessions to promote his

50 Cent filed for bankraptcy... and then posifed photos of himself with wads of cash. In 2015, the rapper was court ordered to pay for leaking a sex t
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