Simple Science That Makes Us Like Certain Stuff

Simple Science That Makes Us Like Certain Stuff

Why do we like the things we do? Sorry to ruin your existential crisis, but it mostly comes down to good ol' science. Here are 12 reasons you like the things you do.

THE SMELL OF NEW BABIES ACTIVATES THE REWARD-RELATED CEREBRAL AREA IN THE BRAIN. One theory is that the smell is the lingering scent of vernix caseosa

CRACKED COM A RUNNER'S HIGH MIGHT ACTUALLY BE A HIGH Research suggests the endocannabinoid system, not endorphins, may be responsible for the euphoria

CRACKED CON THERE'S A REASON OLDER PEOPLE WAX NOSTALGIC FOR THE GOOD OL'DAYS. iipreco The reminiscence bump is a phenomenon where people over 40 can r

THE SMELL AFTER IT RAINS IS CALLED PETRICHOR. The smell is the molecule geosmim, produced by bacteria in the soil, being released into the air. It's t

CRACKED COM CRYING IS AN EFFECTIVE WAY TO SELF-SOOTHE. For just one example of its benefits, a good cry releases endogenous opioids, meaning we have h

CRACKEDCO HAIN-SMOKING AND DRINKING FEEL GOOD TOGETHER FOR A REASON. Alcohol increases activation in your nicotinic receptors and creates a cigarette

CRACKED.COM WINE TASTES BETTER IF YOU THINK IT'S EXPENSIVE. In a study, participants' brain activity measurements confirmed that the brain responded m

CRACKEDCON YOU'RE MORE LIKELY TO APPRECIATE ART IF YOU'RE OPEN-MINDED. Researchers found that people who are open to new experiences are more likely t

COMFORT FOOD BRINGS US HAPPINESS BECAUSE OF THE MEMORIES WE HAVE ASSOCIATED WITH IT. Comfort food can bring back childhood memories of being taken car

CRACKED.COM OUR TASTE BEGINS TO DEVELOP BEFORE WE'RE BORN. In one study, babies were more likely to show a preference for cereal made with carrots if

CRACKEDCON OWNING A PET IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEART. Studies show that the presence of a pet can reduce heart rate and blood pressure. One study showed tha

CRACKEDCON WHY DO OLD BOOKS SMELL GOOD? The old book smell is lignin, a compound that gives books a faint vanilla-like scent.
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