13 Weird Ways Famous Stars Got Their Big Breaks

13 Weird Ways Famous Stars Got Their Big Breaks

Most famous performers will probably tell you that they got their big break either by finding the right agent, knowing the right people, or performing on some reality show like So You Think You Can Method. (Is that a show? It should definitely be a show.) Some stars, however, were simply at the right place at the right time. You know, like at a pizza parlor. Or in a bank.

For instance:

Chris Pratt was discovered in Hawaii while working at a Bubba Gump restaurant. When Pratt was 19, he was living in a van on a Maui beach and working a

Donald Glover was discovered through YouTube. While studying at NYU, Glover co-created a sketch comedy group called Derrick Comedy. The group was a hi

Alden Ehrenreich was discovered at a Bat Mitzvah. As a kid, Ehrenreich used to make silly comedy videos with his friends. One of those videos ended up

Rosario Dawson was discovered while hanging out on her stoop. Screenwriter Harmony Korine was strolling through the Lower East Side in New York when h

Charlie Hunnam was discovered in a shoe store. When he was 11, the Sons of Anarchy star was doing Christmas Eve shopping in his hometown, drunk. He sa

Charlize Theron was discovered going off in a bank. Theron had just moved to L.A. and was trying to cash a check from her last job in New York. The ba

Danny Trejo got his big break while helping an actor with a drug addiction. Saniec Trejo used to be a drug counselor, and he was called by an actor wo

Norman Reedus caught his first break by getting trashed at a party. On the day he got fired from his job at a bike shop in L.A., Reedus wound up at a

Matt Dillon was discovered while skipping class. Talent scouts for the film Over the Edge were roaming around schools in New York, looking for ordinar

Haley Joel Osment was discovered by talent scouts in a IKEA store. Two casting agents were taking Polaroids of kids at a store Osment and his parents

Jason Statham was cast in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels because he was selling cheap jewelry and perfume on the streets. When Guy Ritchie heard

Natalie Portman was discovered while eating pizza at a restaurant. Portman and her mother were dining out when an agent working for Revlon approached

Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube... by accident. Record executive Scooter Braun was consulting for Akon and watching some of his videos on YouT
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