Protests That Got Real, Real Creative

Marching with signs is for people who lack imagination.
Protests That Got Real, Real Creative

We tend to think of protest as an American tradition, dating back to the time when early colonials dressed as football players and threw away tea during the National Anthem. Or something. It's easy to forget that not only are public demonstrations a worldwide phenomenon, but over time protesters have found really, really clever ways to make their voices heard.

Following is a collection of outside-the-box ways people stood on their soapboxes.

May 1924, Indiana Notre Dame students drove out the KKK with potatoes. To make in-roads in the area, the KKK displayed a cross made from red lights in
October 17, 2009, Maldives The Maldivian president gave everyone a taste of climate change by holding a meeting under water. M Matame Nahees President
2002, Pennsylvania 96-year-old city planner shredded to protest a ban on skateboarding at his park. V Ed Bacon, who planned LOVE Park in Philadelphia,
494 BC, Ancient Rome Roman plebeians stuck it to the elites by getting the heck out of Dodge. In the first secessio plebis, the commoners ditched Rome
1790s, France The Incroyables rebelled against the French Revolution by dropping the letter R'. Survivors of the Reign of Terror, the Inc'oyables (a
April 1947, Canada Canadian kids went on strike to protest a 60% hike in candy bar prices. HERSHEY'S NESTIE FSy CANDY ENACOLATE 9- Bars 8 BabyRuy IS B
2015, France Climate protesters used shoes to get around a security ban. Frarrnp E Officials had cancelled two climate control rallies in Paris becaus
1930s - 40s, Occupied China Chinese bill engravers roasted Japanese occupiers with sneaky symbolism. 12 0212034 p-t+=BR4 Aside from cheeky gestures (p
April 5 1968, Britain A pilot took a RAF celebration into his hands. own Upset that the British Parliament had skipped a flyby for the Royal Air Force
Black Friday 2014, The Internet Cards Against Humanity thinks Black Friday is bullshit literally. As a way to mock Black Friday, the card game company
April 1993, California Commuters protested the speed limit by driving at the speed limit. SPEED LIMIT 55 OLD 61 A group of SoCal drivers, fed up with
2006, Canada Saskatchewan residents put it all the table on for potholes. PLEASE Free Willy Nothing else Has To protest the condition of the nearby Hi
1956, Australia Pranksters protested the Nazi origins of the Olympic torch relay by stealing its spotlight. UEISOURNE ASTUAL TORCH Barry Larkin and fr
1881, Occupied Holstein Pigs make the cutest flags. At the time, occupying Prussian forces had outlawed the Danish flag, so the native Danes got creat
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