'Hilarious' Movie And TV Jokes That Did Not Land

What's the opposite of hilarious?
'Hilarious' Movie And TV Jokes That Did Not Land

Comedies are loaded with jokes and bits, and nobody is expecting every single gag to be a laugh-out-loud moment. But the thing is, sometimes movies and shows come up with a joke that's painfully unfunny, or worse, cringeworthy. And to make things worse, they double down on it and repeat the same tone-deaf joke over and over again.

Somebody should really do something about that, we said to ourselves. So we tasked two of our plasticians with ferreting out the dumbest, clunkiest, most tooth-grindingly awful humor in movies and shows. Here's their list:

Borat keeps ruining brilliant BORAT moments with literal sh*t. CUTURALLEARWINGS B IIBCI FOR MA BEERT SLOROSS NDORDEATAIKSTA Borat repeatedly exposes t
'Hilarious' Movie And TV Jokes That Did Not Land
'Hilarious' Movie And TV Jokes That Did Not Land
CurbYour F*cking Enthusiasm F*CK! Susie Greene makes Curb almost unbearable.. At first it was funny and refreshing to see a woman as crass as Susie in
Dean Pelton is never quite open about what his sexuality actually is, but he's very open about being sleazy AF community Representation is important,
Family Guy loves to eat FAMILY time with non-jokes GUY that are totally devoid of comedic content. The worst offender was the repeated trips to the Co
CRACKED C COM The gang are total d*cks to sweet Dee IT'S (because she's ALWAYS the chick! Ha!) SUNNY PHILADELPHIA Each member of the gang is more terr
It's Mar PICKLE Rick And RICK! He's a f*cking PICKLE! This is the funniest sh*t I've ever seen in my f*cking life! The joke is fine... the first 300 t
the office Erin Hannon's ridiculous level of naivete was the last straw for The Office as a mockumentary. In the first five seasons, the show was stil
ARRESTeD CRACKEDCON DeVeLOPIIENT Tobias' Never-Nude routine became too nonsensical with the jean shorts. The joke of him being a Never-Nude was enough
UTURAMI Bender being a walking catchphrase factory was just stupid. In early seasons it was one thing- catchphrases pop up naturally from time to time
The constant references to The the penis flattener Good torture device really brought down Place Season Four. The Good Place was one of the most ke-
BRIDES The food MAIDS poisoning scene is just plain revolting. The movie got a lot of attention for being brave enough to have five of its stars get p
Cartman's racism was always too edgy for SOUTH a character that the creators knew was PARK being watched by middle school-aged children. Say whatever
FR.I.E.N.P.s S We were on a break! would make anyone want to stop being Friends. What started as a sad state of Ross and Rachel's relationship becam
there's CRACKED.COM something about mary The hilarious hair gel scene in the Farrely Bros. flick is just confusing. Aside from the fact that nobody
The running gag the about Sheldon's BIG BANG discomfort with physical intimacy THEORY was in terrible taste. The whole Joke was Look, it's a man who
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