Projects That Celebrities Definitely Didn't Think Through

Projects That Celebrities Definitely Didn't Think Through

Most of the time, celebrities cultivate their brands with a bonsai artist's level of care. Luckily, every now and then they just say "fuck it," and do something massively weird. So weird that, for a moment, it reveals the actual human behind the mask.

Sure, it's probably no picnic for their agents and publicists, but the rest of us get to bask in the glory of offerings like:

Grammy winner Brian McKnight wrote and performed YouPorn's theme song. After his song If You're Ready To Learn (How Your P***y Works), YouPorn came

William Shatner played a man of God in an Esperanto horror flick. In 1966, before Trek, Shatner played a guy resisting sexy demons in Incubus. Like th

Platoon star Tom Berenger co-owned a restaurant that was all about twins. 37 sets of identical twins worked at the restaurant. The only non-twin staff

Sylvester Stallone sold high-protein pudding (not a euphemism). STALLONB PROTEIN HIGH STTALLONE Pudding PROTEIN ndding HIGH 20 GRAMS OF PROTEIN 20 GRA

A Love Story is Selena Gomez' arthouse horror Instagram video. It's two minutes of scenes like Gomez eating an eyeball, Gomez making out with a headle

Stevie Nicks posed for photos for a self-defense manual. She was turning down every photo shoot, but when her bodyguard asked her to model for his sel

MC Hammer tried to go head-to-head with Google. WIREDOO In 2011, he started the deep search engine Wiredoo. It was supposed to be more informative t

In Friends' heyday, Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry filmed a Windows 95 guide. It's a very meta cyber sitcom where they wait for Bill Gates So th

Dorky, lovable Michael Cera makes David Lynch-style short movies. They range from absurd comedy to pure weirdness. In Gregory Go Boom, say, he's a par

Leonard Nimoy ran a Los Angeles pet store with exotic animals. Aide frevmn ieisine Misian thi year. Leonare fod timse te fulfgll fetime Nimoy's SHOP!

In the '90s, Steven Spielberg opened Dive!, a submarine-themed restaurant. LRDe Every half hour, to make guests feel like they were in a diving sub,

Projects That Celebrities Definitely Didn't Think Through

Kevin Costner ran a Wild West-inspired casino in Deadwood, South Dakota. His Midnight Star Casino and Restaurant was a Costner-themed grand saloon. Ne

A bunch of boy band singers made a gritty zombie western. LARGER THAN LIFE! Members of Backstreet Boys, O-Town, 98 Degrees, and NSYNC star in SyFy's D

Jessica Biel launched a fancy restaurant for rich kids. Bo Her place, Au Fudge, offered kid favorites like ... banana sandwiches with almond butter? W

Stephen King wrote (and Stan Winston directed) Michael Jackson's 40-minute horror movie. MJ as the Mayor Ghosts is about a mob, led by a middle-aged w

Charlton Heston narrated the nuclear industry's training films. When a Los Alamos worker complained about their boring videos, another one asked Who
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