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Major pandemics are tragic, but at least they're kind of predictable, right? Lots of places close, mass gatherings are canceled, and so (depressingly) on. But with COVID-19, there's also a lot of weirdness that nobody could have expected.

Stuff like ...

MORTGAGE PAYMENTS THROUGHOUT ITALY ARE SUSPENDED DURING THE LOCKDOWN. Individuals and families are getting a grace period on their mortgages, says dep
Source: Reuters

CHINESE CITIES ARE STARTING TO GET OVERRUN BY PEDIGREED STRAY DOGS. Many people think (mistakenly) they could get the virus from their pet, because it
Source: TIME

BEAUTY INFLUENCERS ARE CREATING LOOKS DESIGNED TO BE WORN WITH FACE MASKS. To make this dangerous (in addition to being dumb), a lot of the looks show
Source: Metro

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